9ct Gold Designer Jewellery – Beauty Speaks For Itself

There is hardly any women in the world that would not like to wear some form of gold jewellery, be it yellow, white gold or rose coloured gold. Jewellery speaks volumes about the kind of personality that you possess. As jewellery is something you keep for a long period of time and often has sentimental meanings or value, it speaks about your innermost personality. If you are fond of 9ct gold designer jewellery, the design you choose can really portray a lot about your personality type.

The style of jewellery you wear shows your attitude towards life.

If you sport 9ct gold designer jewelery, it immediately sends the signal that you are not one of the boring people that follows the crowd, and you like to wear unique jewellery creations. You like to do things your way and choose to wear something that is not the same as every other item of jewellery that may be available in chain-stores. Where many people prefer to wear gold jewellery just to show off their bank balance, you choose to wear 9 carat gold designer jewellery to show your attitude and because you love the design rather than worry about how much the piece cost. It proves that you have you own sense of what is stylish and sincerely follow what your heart desires.

Designer jewelery proves you are individual and unique.

Wearing a one off or handmade item of 9 carat gold designer jewellery also imparts the message that you are a person who holds an individualistic approach and thinking towards life. Because you choose to wear 9ct gold or even sterling silver jewellery rather than 18 carat or platinum higher value precious metals it does not reduce the value of your item of jewellery as a unique designer piece. It has always bourne true that if you wear the right accessories you can look really glamorous even in costume or base metals designer jewellery. In fact, your preference of 9ct gold designer jewellery as opposed to opting for high price 18ct gold for instance, will also declare that you are one of those people who are more inclined towards natural beauty. It takes a certain elegance to realise that throwing your financial weight around by wearing heavy gold bling expensive jewellery does not make you more beautiful.